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Travel Tips

Here are some quick facts about Turkey

Capital City: Ankara
The Largest City: Istanbul
Official Language: Turkish, (English, French and German are spoken in many places.)
Currency: Turkish Lira (TL). The exchange rate is determined daily; several banks and exchange offices are available. All major credit cards are accepted.
Time Zone: GMT + 2
Electricity: 220 volts 50 Hz.
International telephone code: +90... ... .. ..
Visa requirements: Please find the latest information on visa applications on the website of Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Here are some quick information about customs and taxes

At arrival, unlimited amount of Turkish or foreign currency can be brought. At exit, $ 5000 or other currencies in cash equal to this amount can be taken out of Turkey. Money transfer to other countries through banks; unlimited. Bringing and taking out Jewelry made of precious stones or metals; up to $15000 for uncommercial purposes.
Duty-free allowance: 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 grams of tobacco; up to 2 bottles of spirit (1 lt. Each). Antiques and electronic equipment will be registered in the owner's passport upon arrival and checked at exit. It is strictly forbidden to take antiques out of the country. For this is reason it is necessary to obtain a certificate for carpets or other valuables purchased in the country as proof that it is not an antique.
Taxes In Turkey: All goods and services are subject to a Value Added Tax (average 18% VAT).

Here are some tips you'd better know before going to religious places.

The majority of the population is Muslim (98%). Turkey is a secular country and everyone has freedom of religion and beliefs.
Women should not enter a mosque without first covering their heads with a scarf. Before entering a mosque, shoes must be removed.

Here are some quick information about the climate of Turkey

All four seasons exist in Turkey.
In Mediterranean and Aegean coasts winters are mild and summers are hot, and the Black Sea coast is rainy nearly all year long.
In Central Anatolia, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia winters are long and cold with heavy snowfall while summers are short but hot. In Marmara region the climate consists of spring and fall, hot and dry summers and cold winters.

Here are some quick information about landing and departures of airplanes in Turkey.

To get information about departures and landings in Turkey, please click here.

Using the distance calculator, you can learn about the intercity distances.
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Malta'da Dil Eğitimi

Her öğrenciye ayrı ilgi göstermekle gurur duyuyoruz. Dil amaçlı kalma, eğitim, konaklama ve etkinliklerimizin tüm yönler öğrencilerin ihtiyaçlarına ve gereksinimlerine göre ayarlanmış olup, her öğrencinin azami düzeyde katılımı sağlanmaktadır.

Detaylı Bilgi Alın

On the Street

Be careful of anyone who offers to take you to a great place with drinks, ladies, disco, etc. If you find yourself there and feel uncomfortable, LEAVE, don't be embarassed.

And also bear in mind that the legislation in touristic areas forbids sales persons to "touch" or "hassle" tourists. If you are asked to buy stuff and you will be asked for sure, just say "no thank you" and keep moving. Just be polite and you won't have a problem.

While Travelling

Keep your money in a safe place, not in your suitcase or backpack. In the summer, it is wise to bring along a hat and drink plenty of bottled water, which is sold everywhere.

Perhaps the most important: open yourself to the friendliness and culture of Turkey, talk to people, learn a few phrases, hello, please, thank you. Also take the time to talk to people. Their outlook on life is fascinating and you'll learn so much about Turkey.

Car Rental

Driving in most areas of Turkey is quite manageable for experienced drivers. Istanbul is not easy, of course, but informed travelers should manage well elsewhere

Reserve before you arrive in Turkey for the best dealsm and beware of airline offers. But, don't decide on price alone. The company reputation, age of the fleet, the damage deductible, additional driver fees, etc. are important.

Sleeping Tips

If you are a light sleeper, bring ear plugs. In addition to the typical city noises, nearly everywhere in Turkey you will be hearing the calls to prayer from speakers on the nearest minarets five times a day.

The earliest of which will likely be before you want to wake. The timing of the calls is based in part on sunrise and sunset, so if your are traveling in May-June around summer solstice, the first call to prayer will be between 4am and 5am.